I got to interview fellow business owner and friend, Angela Lee, on the Lead With Moxie podcast about what it takes to grow a successful business from scratch.

In this episode, we dish on overcoming some real challenges that start-ups face, and Angela shares priceless advice from her experiences surviving the early danger zones in a new business.

Priceless advice on overcoming some real challenges that start-ups face from SHOLDIT founder

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She shares some of her personal best practices and lessons learned in her own start up experience: including growing a team with the right people, the importance of delegation, when to take a break (and what she does to stay sane and healthy in the midst of busy days), why not to keep your business as a side gig, the power of quality contacts, and how to grow with intention and strategy while still being open to adjusting your “recipe.” I’m sure you will appreciate her fun and savvy approach to business as much as I do!


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Angela Lee, founder of SHOLDIT

Always on the go and open to adventure, Angela needed a place to stash her stuff. After tirelessly searching for a stylish hands free alternative to a purse, this resourceful country girl from rural Nebraska took matters into her own hands. With a $20 sewing machine and no industry connections, Angela made a leap of faith in 2010. And the rest, as they say, is history!

SHOLDIT is the number one go-to brand for solution-based accessories. Featured by top media including Good Morning America, Forbes, The TODAY Show, USA Today, CNBC Adventure Capitalist and more - and sold by top retailers like Von Maur, HSN, Magellan’s Travel Catalog, Brookstone, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc...

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