Stop Doubting Yourself in Business

We all experience moments of insecurity from time to time!  This video was inspired by an amazing female entrepreneur creating a dynamic and lucrative business, just 1 year in.  She had the courage to admit her fears to me today.  My message to her was the same I would give anyone who feels the pressures of self-doubt in business (I wish I’d understood this 10 years ago!).

Learn to stop doubting yourself in business. #MotivatingMoxie

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You have unique talents, skills, experience, knowledge, ideas, passions, and opportunities.  If your “idols and legends” are worthy of praise, then so are you.  Remember not to compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20, and that everyone has value to bring to the table.  

How to move beyond self-doubt? Everything changed for me when I made a decision to quit my bad habit of questioning my value to others.  

  • Yes, it takes some practice.  Learn to quit your bad habit.  Next time your inner “dealer” comes around, tell him to F Off!
  • It also takes time. Be kind; forgive yourself for not being perfect and move on.  

Recognize that when you are dialed into your purpose, you have MOXIE, baby!  Keep polishing up your attitude, courage, and influence- get out there and be YOU!

Share with me your RESULTS from using this:  I want to hear about your challenge and how you lit yourself up to move forward!  Post in the blog comments below, or “share if you care” on social media. 

hugs, Heather

Heather Legge

You ARE Enough.

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