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Heather A. Legge, Certified Executive Coach and Speaker

Heather offers the following topics, plus she typically tailors title & content, as well as presentation style, to the audience, team, or organization, and often accepts requests for fully customized content according to client needs.  

Please contact us for tailored content or exercises, & availability for your event.  

The following are the most requested topics from Heather over the past 10 years:  

Goal Setting vs Goal ACHIEVING

Participants learn that while goal setting is priceless, merely setting a goal usually isn’t enough for success. Setting goals in a manner that presumes achievement is far more effective. This session is most requested at 2 to 4 hours, but can easily be shortened to a Lunch-N-Learn or expanded up to a 2 day powerful retreat. It includes the differences between intention/wishing and experiencing achievement, standard and revolutionary goal setting methods, determining which tangible results are needed/wanted, and tips & tools for staying on track.

FOCUS! Time and Task Management

Every modern working person feels the time crunch on a regular basis, but there’s a reason for the saying “Want something done? Ask a busy person!” This presentation offers tips, techniques & critical concepts for maximizing productivity and minimizing stress.  Participants will learn how to prioritize what to tackle and when, and how to get more done in less time, and change the way they view “time management” for best results. May include Work-Life Blend – finding balance/harmony between achieving high-quality, high-satisfaction work and creating space for living more life.

Communication Styles

Attendees learn how to identify their own and others’ primary communication styles, how to establish rapport and work smoothly with different styles, how to maximize their natural style and use of energy in their workplace (i.e., for specific types of focused work), and how to work well in teams. Based on the comprehensive data and tools offered by Extended-DISC®. Presentation content is both conceptually easy to understand and has very practical use value.

This very popular session works well from 45 minutes up to 2 days, may be broken into sections over time, and is often tailored to Team Building and Leadership Styles. It may also be used with other assessments, including leadership 360* reviews.  As a team workshop which includes optional assessments for each participant, content also includes personal and team reports with specific customized information and action steps (typically 2-4 hours).

G.E.T. Productive!  Mastery of Goals, Email, and Time

This half-day workshop arms participants with the best of Goal achieving techniques, real world best-practices in controlling Email, and tips & methods for using Time more effectively.  Attendees bring their goal planners and laptop or tablet, then (with a little pre-work) leave with a damn-good plan, and ZERO messages in their email inbox!

Personal Leadership: "A Formula for Success in Business"

Participants learn to raise the bar and experience maximum personal and/or team effectiveness by accepting full responsibility for their performance, impact, relationships, and for their overall experience. Content includes best practices in leadership, influence with or without title, and practical steps for implementing concepts immediately and over time.

Envision Success speakers offer popular topics with tailored content & presentation style to the audience.  Contact us to learn more about our signature talks to make an impact on your group for RESULTS, or to discuss details of your desired custom presentations and our availability.