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Envision Success Inc provides personal and professional coaching and related services worldwide.

ESI seeks qualified professional people who “get” the high positive impact of coaching and are aligned with following:

Envision Success Inc provides Exceptional Value for every client every time, and offers our clients a Satisfaction Guarantee. This organization is dedicated to making the world a better place, by helping professional women and men enhance their attitude, courage, & influence, by delivering effective services and products that allow clients to produce desired RESULTS. Envision Success Inc team members are driven, talented, caring professionals who serve others like us who want to be, do, and have more–with passion, inspiration, and excellence!



Moxie – we speak and act in line with personal and professional values, especially when it takes guts
Excellence – we not only get the job done, we enjoy our work, and we live our passions; we inspire exceptional results in ourselves and in others, delivering more value than what was given
Responsibility – we accept greater than the little bit we are aware of
Caring – for ourselves, future generations, each other, clients, community, planet…
Integrity – we do what we say because it matters


If you are a certified coach interested in being independent but not in running your own business, consider how ESI can help you…

  • Want to build your clientele but don’t want to create every client form and process from scratch?
  • Like honing your skills but don’t want to be a full-time equivalent bookkeeper and marketing expert?
  • Love being a professional coach, but don’t love the idea of “starting from scratch and running a business?”
  • Enjoy working with your clients, but hate doing things like billing them?
  • New to the industry and have no idea how to be a “start-up?”
  • Excited to work with clients, but can’t find the right firm to be an internal coach?

Envision Success Inc Coaches have the best of both worlds!  ESI offers a unique package for the Independent Coach who doesn’t want all the hassles of actual business ownership. The ESI Coach:

  • is part of the Envision Success Inc Coach Team, with support & mentoring, in a professional network with Continuing Education opportunities
  • has access to established ESI back-office systems including invoicing and payment processing, as well as forms for client intake, session, and agreements, and others like surveys
  • has optional use of materials used with clients, including DISC profiles, and Envision Success Inc published worksheets
  • may be promoted via a profile on the ESI website, mention in the ESI email newsletter, through company social media accounts, and media release request in their community
  • uses the Envision Success Inc brand for business cards, letterhead/stationary, brochures, signage, and the like in accordance with company policies & guidelines
  • is aligned with the core values, philosophy, and principles of Envision Success Inc but works remotely on their own schedule from their own professional office or home location
  • remains an independent contractor, responsible for building their own clientele, and for paying taxes levied in the area in which they live and work
  • may be located anywhere in the world, although our headquarters are in Omaha, Nebraska, USA
  • pays a reasonable monthly administrative fee and/or a percentage of revenues, according to each unique ESI Coach “win/win” agreement


Envision Success Inc is currently seeking the following professionals:

business coach
executive coach
success coach
leadership coach
life coach
wellness coach
communication coach
sales coach
financial coach
other professional coaching niches

Also- sales/business development & marketing intern(s)

Interested in exploring if this is a good fit?  Please contact us to submit your resume/CV via email, share your desired areas of specialty, and tell us reasons why you would like to join the team. Thanks!

Some thoughts from our founder, Heather Legge:


Envision Success Inc provides personal and professional coaching and related services worldwide.