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Calling Perfectionism Names

perfectly imperfect

By Rhiannon Bartlett- I recently attended a virtual workshop for moms. It was a new concept to me and listening to all these women bloggers, writers and entrepreneurs talk was really inspiring.  I noticed one thing, though, that surprised me. Every speaker made comments about “needing to let go of perfectionism” and “don’t feel like you […]

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When to Disengage the Autopilot

warning! autopilot off course

Are you an active participant in your business or life’s design?  Where do you crave having more control? It’s time to face the truth: you’ve been putting something in your life or business on autopilot. What (or who) have you allowed to slip back from your conscious management?  Where have you neglected staying on top of […]

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Shift Your Energy Immediately


This Technique Can Shift Your Energy From Crappy to Awesome in SecondsFeeling off, unmotivated, a little down, or frustrated?  In just a few minutes you can be back on your “A Game!” What is it?  Find some gratitude, stat!  Here we go: Look around you right now: What are three things (or people) that you appreciate having in […]

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38 Special

Fear photo

October 21st marked my 38th birthday.  I’ve always been a huge fan of celebrating birthdays – especially my own – but this birthday hit me a bit differently.  You see, my father passed away at the age of 38 (when I was only 9 years old).  He was a bright, talented guy with many gifts. […]

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