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Make That Decision NOW

make the decision

What decision have you been putting off?  You can make it NOW – in the next 5 minutes- with the help of these 4 easy techniques for making GOOD decisions more QUICKLY and CONFIDENTLY.  Sound good?  Go for it!  You will feel so much more productive and at peace…Here’s to your success, Let me know […]

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When to Disengage the Autopilot

warning! autopilot off course

Are you an active participant in your business or life’s design?  Where do you crave having more control? It’s time to face the truth: you’ve been putting something in your life or business on autopilot. What (or who) have you allowed to slip back from your conscious management?  Where have you neglected staying on top of […]

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7 Reasons You Need a Quickie (BP)

Business Plan Quickie

Aren’t business plans just for owners who are trying to get started and need a business loan, or for large companies who like to kill trees and bury employees in bureaucracy?   No!  If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, executive director, or someone who has business responsibilities and cares about the performance of the organization–you […]

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31 Days of Kickin’ Ass

Heather Legge Sunday in the office

Wow, there are so many positives I’m excited share with you!  Just 31 days into the quarter, I have tangible and incredible results, and a sustainable, strong foundation on which to grow.  Woo-hoo!Some of my highlights and benefits of doing the #SUCCESSin90 challenge so far: ​Processes tweaked and set for Sales, Marketing, and Client Care for […]

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SUCCESS in 90 Days

Champagne toast

Other than the weather, this is my most cherished time of year because it’s all about a fresh start toward achieving some really exciting goals!!  While I have always been very goal-oriented, I’ve never been a big fan of New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe that’s because I always felt like they were more intention than commitment. […]

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