Calling Perfectionism Names

perfectly imperfect

By Rhiannon Bartlett- I recently attended a virtual workshop for moms. It was a new concept to me and listening to all these women bloggers, writers and entrepreneurs talk was really inspiring.  I noticed one thing, though, that surprised me. Every speaker made comments about “needing to let go of perfectionism” and “don’t feel like you […]

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Make That Decision NOW

make the decision

What decision have you been putting off?  You can make it NOW – in the next 5 minutes- with the help of these 4 easy techniques for making GOOD decisions more QUICKLY and CONFIDENTLY.  Sound good?  Go for it!  You will feel so much more productive and at peace…Here’s to your success, Let me know […]

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When to Disengage the Autopilot

warning! autopilot off course

Are you an active participant in your business or life’s design?  Where do you crave having more control? It’s time to face the truth: you’ve been putting something in your life or business on autopilot. What (or who) have you allowed to slip back from your conscious management?  Where have you neglected staying on top of […]

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Dealing With Failure

EVERYONE has to learn to deal with not meeting expectations– whether your own, or someone else’s.  Here, I share some of my master list of actions you can take to help you deal with failure. Of course, your definition of ”failure” shapes how you handle situations where you don’t see the results you expected. My aim for […]

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The Art of Thinking

What type of thoughts do you have throughout the day?  Are you ruminating, rationalizing, letting the monkey run amok?  How much time do you spend in intentional, focused thought? How much time in a day, week, or year do you spend really thinking?  Most people assume that they are “thinking” all the time, because they […]

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Why Schedule Shorter Meetings?

Heather Video

Ever feel like you’re wasting time in too many meetings?  Question the effectiveness of certain meetings, especially those where there is too much talk and too little action?  This video gives some tips on using shorter meetings to get more done.   The overall concept is that “Racing the Clock” = more effectiveness and efficiency […]

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