5 Ways to Reduce Negativity and Stress Now

Most all of us want to feel less stressed  –or more positive and calm– at least sometimes!  You’ve heard the adage “you get more with honey than vinegar.”  You understand that leaders who are described as “positive” are more well-liked and have more loyal employees.  So when a stress-bomb explodes on you and it feels like you’re covered in negativity, it’s time for a quick reset so you and your team can resume creating positive results. 

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When the stress-bomb hits & you need to find some positivity NOW -Try these for a quick reset.

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You want to feel better. Now.  Here, I share 5 ways to improve your mood and reduce stress quickly. Try one or all of these 5 whenever you find yourself in a negative stress spiral:

  1. Go for a short walk – ideally outside, breathing in the fresh air, and appreciating aspects of nature
  2. Stretch out and relax tense areas of the body, or get in a quick yoga session (Search: Yoga Journal or see DoYogaWithMe.com)
  3. List 5 or more things you are truly grateful for (helps balance perspective and see a bigger picture)
  4. Listen to an uplifting or inspiring podcast or other audio
  5. Change your work environment for the rest of the day.  Go to the nearby coffee shop, a calming space in your home, into a conference room away from the fray, etc…whatever place helps shift your mood for the better

Which of these did you like best, or do you have another favorite that works well for you?  Let me know in the comments below.

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