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Teri Whittington

Personal Development & Vision Coach

My mission is to add value back to others by helping them discover and live out their purpose and passion.

I am excited to join you on your life’s journey!  

My coaching mission statement is: ‘Together we’ll show the world that the Underdog can prevail and that Cinderella stories do come true.’ Having lived for much of my life in the realm of ‘I can do it all by myself,’ I now believe and understand that each of us needs the support of others to achieve our fullest potential and success. I’m holding out my hand; you just have to grab it.

Because of my experience on stage and television, I bring an energy and passion to each session. My sense of humor and appreciation for the absurdities of life will infuse each meeting with freshness from the ‘humdrum’ of life. One of my mantras is: “Just show up and be FABULOUS!” 

I have had nearly three decades of management and leadership experience in many industries and many cities. This experience has served to expand my understanding of the uniqueness of everyone and the many ways that every person can contribute in benefiting society. I believe in discovering, developing and focusing on strengths (as opposed to majoring in the perceived ‘weak points’, of which we all have.)

If you are seeking to progress through any of these areas, I would be honored and privileged to team up with you:

  • Goal Setting and Discipline
  • Empowerment of Self
  • Removing blocks to reaching your full potential
  • Clarity of Purpose

I also specialize in facilitating MasterMind groups and Workshops, and enjoy giving Keynote Presentations.

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A bit more about Teri…

It was through her experience in managing and educating a diverse group of individuals, that Teri’s passion for helping others discover their own potential arose. She has learned to reinvent herself and is excited to help others do the same. Teri believes in ‘empowering’ others in her coaching sessions. “People need to feel that they are in control of the discovery and action process. Once a person’s goals are determined, we will team up to put the necessary disciplines and steps into place that will help them achieve those healthy patterns that will lead them to their accomplishments. And this all starts with being self aware and identifying who you are. Out of this, the purpose and passion will emerge.”

Teri is the mother of three beautiful adult daughters and a proud ‘Noni’ to two grandchildren. She and her husband, John, have been married for 37 years. She has lived in six states and several cities. She is an ‘expert’ in moving, having moved 4 times in a 22 month period AND doing so with two small children and a newborn. She has worked in the banking, food service, retail, sales, fitness, and television industries.

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“I’ve been meeting with Teri for a month. Through these meetings, she is helping guide me in learning more about myself, my passions and what makes me ME. Between our sessions and suggested activities, I am becoming closer to achieving my goals.” -A.B., Accounts Manager, NE

“Teri is very easy to talk to and encouraging. She has a lot of practical advice and insights.” -J.W., Cosmetologist, NE

“Teri is a very insightful, encouraging and professional individual. She offers great direction for individuals looking to reach short term and long term goals. I have enjoyed working alongside her for her collaborative, adaptable and positive attitude. Plan on feeling good about yourself after walking away from your first meeting with Teri!” -N.I., Forecast Administrator, NE 

“Teri has been an amazing inspiration and mentor to me in my professional life as well as my personal life.  Her keen insight, sensitivity, and love of others is heartwarming and has helped me to move forward in my business as well as in my personal life.  She has given me more clarity, courage, and passion than I knew I had.  I’m very blessed to have her in my life!”  –T.R., Business Owner, TX