Tara Thompson

Tara Zinn

Coaching Small Businesses ~ Healing Humankind

Tara’s coaching focus is on helping clients primarily in the following areas:

  • Holistic Business Coaching
  • Connecting Success to “SOUL” Purpose
  • Business & Life Boundaries

She also customizes packages according to individual client needs.  Contact her to explore how she can help you!

Tara’s experiences, passion and knowledge give her a unique and powerful perspective to help guide her clients into their most rewarding and full life while being a small business owner.  She is a trusted coach to various types of small holistic businesses working to heal humankind. 

Tara has also been a Holistic Health Practitioner since 2006. While working as a massage therapist and educator, as well as being a business owner for many years, coaching has been a large part of Tara’s growth and healing. Looking to give back to others and continue to serve on a deeper level, coaching was her next natural step into helping people find their “SOUL” purpose and truth.

Tara refers to her coaching niche as “holistic business coaching” because she provides space and support to assist healers in co-creating clarity regarding their personal journey to success in the field of wellness.  Tara helps you focus on your strengths and sheds light on areas that have room for growth and improvement all while maintaining an objective, supportive role.  She encourages individuals with natural healing abilities to refine, refresh and at times, redefine their existing or potential role in the wellness community.

Tara says, "Join me in embracing and loving your true-self. It’s time to REALLY engage in your life and work from a “SOUL” motivated place. Let’s start cultivating the courage, compassion, and connection to be present and mindful along this journey."