Tara Thompson

Tara Thompson

Holistic Living Coach

Tara focuses on helping her coaching clients primarily in the following areas, and also customizes packages according to client needs:

  • Saying “No” and strengthening related communication skills
  • Regularly being more mindful and present through a supportive structure
  • Creating success by “owning” what needs to be addressed, and taking action
  • Living a fuller life through the principles of effective goal-setting

Tara’s passion and knowledge give her a unique and powerful perspective to help guide her clients into their most rewarding and full life. In addition to being a Holistic Living Coach, Tara has also been a Holistic Health Practitioner since 2006. While working as a massage therapist and educator, as well as being a business owner for many years, coaching has been a large part of Tara’s growth and healing. Looking to give back to others and continue to serve on a deeper level, coaching was her next natural step into helping people find their purpose and truth while leading a Holistic (“whole-istic”) lifestyle.

Tara refers to her coaching niche as “Whole-istic” because it involves the whole person loving and embracing their self. It’s about engaging in life from a place of worthiness and love. It’s cultivating the courage, compassion, and connection to be present and mindful along life’s journey.

Tara will encourage people to “dig deep” and find what really serves them as they honor how they show up in the world, since she knows that we ALL have beautiful and unique gifts to offer.

While people may relate to different meanings to the words: holistic, “whole-istic”, and holism, Tara’s philosophy and approach to work and life include one’s complete existence: mind, body and spirit.