Mary Koziol

Mary Koziol

Vibrant Health & Lifestyle Coach

Coaching is a relationship between the two of us. We dive in deep to discover, balance, restore, and revive.

I work with women who are ready to…

  • Feel capable, confident, and vibrant.
  • Invest in themselves, their health, and the big picture…their lives.
  • Work as a compassionate team to discover what holds them back.
  • Put aside past beliefs in order to create new stories that will propel them forward.
  • Try new ways of eating, exercising, and looking at their overall health.
  • Let go of ways of eating that are not serving them.
  • Discover exciting, healthful, delicious ways of eating that nourish them inside and out.
  • Ditch digestive issues, low mood, and low energy.
  • Find a healthy weight and take the steps needed to get there.

My Approach… Working with me is part nutrition, part physical health, and part lifestyle coaching. I believe that in order for you to truly meet those beautiful goals of yours, you need to have a balance between your physical health and the health of your lifestyle. This means we lovingly approach the topics of food, exercise, and health concerns, but we also talk relationships, career, spirituality, and ways to find more happiness in your life. Yes, health really is all that!

Who I Am… I’m a health and lifestyle coach who helps women become their most healthy, radiant selves. I received my certification from the world-renowned Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

My background is in wellness. For eight years I lived in Boulder, CO where I practiced as a nationally certified massage therapist and managed a wellness center. I observed the healing that happened on the massage table and wanted to take it further. Nutrition and healthy living have always been a priority for me. Becoming a coach was the perfect way for me to further my knowledge and ability to help people.

I also have a degree in interior design. I use it to bring “Love Your Kitchen Sessions” to my clients. As a client, you would have the opportunity to be coached in your own kitchen and break through the blocks holding you back from feeling inspired to use your space. We make the space inviting, fun, functional, organized, and filled with healthy food choices. Learning to cook new foods, use different cookware and tools, and add new recipes to your menu make the experience even more valuable.

I live in Lincoln, NE with my husband and daughter. I love my yoga practice and enjoy hoop dancing, making art, writing, and going back to Colorado to hike the glorious Rocky Mountains. My interior design degree is from The University of Nebraska, which I practiced before moving to Tucson, Arizona to become a massage therapist. I’m excited to be blending my knowledge in a variety of subjects together to offer my clients a unique coaching experience that helps them transform their lives and find vibrant health!